Make the Yuletide Gayer.

Date Trip Kickstarter!

I’m working on a summer road trip project called “Date Trip.”  I’m going to date my way through 12 cities in 4 different states!  Ultimately, we’ll have a dozen 5-7 minute episodes we can air once a week over the summer, as long as we’re successful at meeting our Kickstarter goal.

So help us get there!  Stop by and watch the video, pledge a few bucks, and get some awesome rewards - including unaired episodes of Hot Christmess!!  And don’t forget to spread the word. :)  


I’m putting together a summer road trip series and am looking for some fun and creative people who are free the first two weeks in June!  I’m looking for 2-3 people to hit the road with as well as a couple of at-home artists to assist with non-travel needs.

On the road, I need:

  • A camera person - someone to shoot footage of the road trip
  • A film editor - someone who is familiar with editing software and can cut each location into 5 minute shorts for YouTube
  • A sound person - someone who can work with the sound portions of the video as well as mix individual podcast episodes for optimal sound when I am finished editing them.

To join the road crew, you must be willing to help promote the Kickstarter and podcast as well as contact hotels/restaurants for free services in exchange for promotion on the podcast.  You won’t be paid, but you will be fed and get to see some pretty kick-ass places!

I’m also looking for:

  • A photographer who can help take some classy photographs for my Kickstarter and website
  • A graphic designer who can make a badass logo/art for the podcast and website

Please e-mail your qualifications to:  Thank you!


St. Patrick’s Day instructions:

1. Save this number into your phone: (650) 409-6377
2. Put on something green.
3. Party.
4. Drunk dial the Hot Christmess request line.
5. Get your drunk friends to call in too and dedicate songs to each other.

This is not a joke.  Do it and I’ll make a St. Patrick’s Day mini-episode.

The playlist for the newest Birthday on Birthday installment is here. The Veronicas! The Virgins! Vanessa Hudgens and the Efron!

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HC9: “Birthday on Birthday: Pt. 2” - Soberversary, Facebook Birthdays, Evite Etiquette

The birthday fun continues with the second installment of HC’s Birthday on Birthday - the soberversary!  This week I’m celebrating 10 years sober and I want you to be a part of it.  Let’s talk selling it at garage sales, the insincerity of the Facebook birthday, and evite etiquette: how to get people to actually come to your party.

Just like the previous episode, all of the music has been chosen by you!  Complete with memories and stories to go along with them.  Check out Spotify for part 2 of the birthday playlist!

Download the audio on mp3.

Didn’t hear your call on today’s episode?  Not to worry!  There’s still one more birthday episode to go… and it’s Happy Birthday Barbie themed!!

Don’t forget to rate the podcast on iTunes!  If you like what you hear, tell the world!  (Or at least the Apple-product wielding population)

Got a St. Patrick’s Day story?  Call it in for the next episode!  (650) 409-6377

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HC8: “Birthday on Birthday: Pt. 1” - Birthday Dedications, Ice Cream Cake Recipe, Birthday Cake History

First Hot Christmess did Thanksgiving. Then Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. Now, Hot Christmess is bringing you episodes celebrating the most selfish holiday of all: THE BIRTHDAY!

Every birthday, I make a mix CD of songs that remind me of good times had that year. This year, I asked you to call in your own dedications and memories to help me put my mix together. Tonight’s episode is the first part of that mix, so if you don’t hear your dedication this episode, stay tuned for the next one.

From late 90s hits to the mid-2000’s guyliner phase, Hot Christmess is bringing you all your requests, the history of birthday candles (ooooh/aaaaah), and even my very own ice cream cake recipe! 

Download the audio mp3.

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To prepare for the big two-eight, I have been assembling the ultimate denim on denim outfit.  But that’s not enough - I need a birthday mix!

Every year, I make a mix CD of songs that remind me of good times had.  This year, I want to do something a little different… I want you to help me make the mix!

Pick a song and call it in dedicating it to my birthday mix.  If you have a message, funny story, or memory of us attached, even better!  I’ll put them all together and air it on Tuesday, February 26th - my birthday.

(650) 409-6377

PS - Computer has been fixed for now.  Candy Hearts: The Lost Episodes will be airing soon! Until then, I will leave you with this:

HC7: “Valentine’s Gay” - Grindr, Advice with Kathy, Candy Hearts

The snow storm must be messing with things on the west coast too because I’ve never had so much trouble posting an episode before!  But snowed in or not, we’re all here now, and with Christmas and New Year’s behind us, that can only mean one thing… it’s time to get our Valentine’s on! If you are an East Coast listener, grab a softy, comfy blanket (and a hand-operated generator in case the power goes out again) and let Hot Christmess warm you up.

Today’s episode is the first of a V-Day trilogy, packed with dedications and dilemmas - and Kathy Heggum has returned to help answer them!  Tune in for the sexist history of conversation hearts, the Get It Guide to Grindr, and How to Survive Valentine’s Day: Lessons Learned from My Bloody Valentine.

A lot of work went into this episode and I don’t wanna talk it up, but it may just be the best Hot Christmess yet!

Download the audio on mp3.

Didn’t hear your call on today’s episode?  Not to worry!  There are two more chances for it to air - Monday or Thursday’s episode!

Don’t forget to rate the podcast on iTunes!  If you like what you hear then tell the world!  (Or at least the Apple-product wielding population)

Got a good/bad/ridiculous date story?  Call it in for the next episode!  (650) 409-6377

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Like LiLo to Liz & Dick, Kathy Heggum is making her triumphant return to the podcast this weekend - but we need some material to work with!  Help make her 3 hour drive down to Santa Cruz worth it by stuffing the Hot Christmess voicemail box full of dilemmas and dedications.  And if you do, I’ll send you a FREE Valentine’s Day mix!

Just e-mail me at after you call in and I will reply with the download link.  It’s that easy!  And if you got my Christmas mix, you know you’re in for something good.

Every Valentine’s day, I pair up two great tracks from each artist on the playlist… but occasionally there’s a threesome or two, just like in real life.  And I blend it all up with a couple of cool cover songs.  Alliteration intended.  Want it?  Call in and get it!

(650) 409-6377


Chalk-flavored candy hearts!  Misrepresented cupids!  Vague and angsty Facebook status updates!  What does is all mean?  Valentine’s Day is coming!  And everyone is stoked but you.

But you don’t have to be a victim of its unrelenting assault of pink, white, and red.  Not this year…  you’re taking V-day back!  And you’re going to do it with Hot Christmess: Candy Hearts.  That’s right - all new episodes celebrating February’s favorite holiday (sorry, President dudes) for the taken, the forsaken, and the you-must-be-mistakin’.

Need advice?  We’re looking for:

  • Singles dilemmas
  • Couples dilemmas
  • Callers with bad dating stories
  • Callers with sex-related questions
Wanna dedicate a song?  I prefer you describe the situation and ask me to pick a song for you, but specific song requests will also be honored.  We need:
  • Dedications to loved ones
  • Dedications to the dude who broke your heart
  • Dedications to a fuck buddy
  • Dedications to that girl you’re stalking on Instagram
So what are you waiting for?  Call in!  (650) 409-6377.
Do more than one of the prompts apply to you?  Feel free to call in as many times as you want!  And don’t forget to tell a friend.  The more calls I get, the more episodes I can make!  So if you want lots of Candy Hearts, help me out and give me lots to work with :)
Get it!

“I Hate Candy Hearts” - Hot Christmess: Candy Hearts Theme Song

You may still be sweeping up the pine needles and swearing off the sweets, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  I know, I know - you hate/love/adore/feel utterly alone on/can’t even begin to think about Valentine’s Day, but trust me when I say that a Valentine’s Day with Hot Christmess is a Valentine’s Day worth having.

Stay tuned for a very special set of V-Day episodes for the lovebirds and broken-hearted alike!  Whether you’re looking for love or you just wanna get laid, Hot Christmess can help!  With advice from M.F.T. Kathy Heggum, the Get It Guides to Grindr & More, and an assortment of colorful tunes worthy of your bathtub-heartbreak playlist (it’s not just me… right?), there is something for everybody on Hot Christmess: Candy Hearts!  Even if you’re a GOProud Republican.  Or that dude who catfished Te’o.  Everyone deserves a little love! 

For now, enjoy the theme song of our Valentine’s Day episodes: “I Hate Candy Hearts” by Anywhere But My Face.  And if you like it, it’s free for Hot Christmess listeners.  Get it.

Download the mp3.

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HC6: “New Years Finale” - Aud Lang Syne, Resolutions, Zach Efron 

Happy New Year!! I know this episode is a little late, but better late than never, right?  And second chances don’t expire ‘til midnight! Oh shit… it’s after midnight too… Well, here we are - the final episode of Hot Christmess. Kick 2012 to the curb with the Christmas Master and enjoy some New Year’s jams blended with this year’s best pop.

NOTE: I have updated the link in hopes that iTunes will post it.  The last 2 attempts have failed.  I apologize to everyone subscribing with iTunes, but the download link below works, as well as streaming it from Tumblr.

I’ve had a great time with this podcast. Thank you all for your support! Keep and eye out for future holiday episodes… I might be back before you know it! Without further ado…

Download the audio mp3.

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"Sometimes it feels like there are so many things in this world we can’t control. Earthquakes, floods, reality shows… But it’s important to remember the things that we can. Like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts… Because the one thing that turns the world from the longing place to a beautiful place… is love. Love and any of its forms. Love gives us hope… Hope for the New Year. That’s what New Year’s Eve is to me. Hope and a great party!" - New Year’s Eve (2011)

NOTE: Previous connection problems have been addressed and I have updated the link.  Thanks for letting me know, everyone!


Call in your dedications, dilemmas, and New Year’s resolutions to (650) 409-6377 for the final installment of the Hot Christmess holiday podcast.  It’s your last chance!  But don’t worry - second chances don’t expire ‘til midnight, right Hilary Swank?

This New Year’s Eve, kiss 2012 goodbye with class - and trash - as your new favorite podcast counts down the best New Year’s songs while callers kick last year to the curb.

Over the last month and a half, I’ve received almost a hundred calls, dozens of e-mail and Facebook messages, and countless texts from you guys.  Thank you so much for all of the support - this podcast wouldn’t be as great as it is without you.  Someone recently told me, “You’re lucky you have so many funny friends.”  They’re right!

So this weekend, call in and tell me how you’re saying goodbye to 2012:

  • What you hated about 2012
  • What you’re thankful you don’t have to deal with in 2013
  • Your New Year’s resolution
  • Who you want to kiss most at midnight, whether they know it or not

I’m sad to see it all come to an end, but it’s been a lot of fun and I know this final episode it going to be the best one yet.  If Hot Christmess has kept you company on a long drive, helped you make it through a work day, or if you just have a good memory listening in, you can call in or e-mail me and let me know: - or leave it in the iTunes feedback. I’ve put a lot of work into this and I’d love to hear what you guys think :)

Hope you all had a hot Christmess!

HC5: “Christmess Eve” - Ghosts, Presents, Traditions

It’s Christmas Eve!!  Not in the holiday spirit?  Hot Christmess has got your back!  This week is guaranteed to unite cynical and celebrated alike, with tales of traditions, presents, and… a haunted space heater?  Not to mention some of the best versions of holiday songs you thought you hated.

Since episode 5 is the very last Christmas episode of the podcast, I wanted to make this one extra special by cramming in as many dedications and stories as I could fit.  This episode features you - and a whole lot of it!

Download the audio mp3.

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NOTE: Wanna hit the road with this week’s episode?  Don’t just listen from the webpage… download a podcast app and play it from your phone!  Or download it in iTunes and drop it into your iPod.  It’s way more convenient than lugging around that desktop.